Glory hounds

I was in the infantry, say combat and did what I had to do-
Point being, the psychologist told me not to see this things,
but apart from the human tragedy I lured that is also the freaking
dogs that sniff that shit My only dog, she is something, and
ever time I see her is relaxing. So maybe this idiots (psychologist)
have a point.
So this is what I´m seeing right now at 12 a.m in the night

And this is what I see tomorrow, which to tell the truth I can´t wait..
and her
All the other veterans out there, this things do work. At least for me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Hi there GP, really sorry again for the off comment I said, I was probably angry at someone or something and took it off to the people I shouldn´t and that support me. And yes, even if I don’t you, all you people in wordpress support me by reading me or the comments, met quite a good people here and that I correspond by email.
      So again, it was what to be my crazy self, (not perfect now, so I got no illusions to be perfect) And I do appreciate you commenting to me. It does mean quite a lot to me, since for quite some time in my life I only pissed people off, so I´m trying to make it up.
      Sorry again, and glad to hear from you

    1. I´ll give it a try, cause right now in the yahoo inbox I have almost 9000 posts, at l east 1000 comes each day to the inbox so is hard for me to find an email, I´ll write the link that you gave me and try it later if you don´t mind. Right now gotta run to buy food.

      1. will never give up on ya – promise.

        and I can just post the book on my site – but you really need to do it with your name and all. and it is free amigo….

        have a nice day
        and may the Lord keep you safe, contented, and strong.

    2. Hey what if I give you my phone number?
      I don´t care to put it out on public setting, had worst calls from worst nasty people so they are welcome.
      If you don´t mind, I actually have no money in the prepaid card so, it would be hard to call anybody

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