Gotta love the bastards

By the way, the psychologis says I shouldn’t be looking at this
but I just can`t, everyone has their past, and is good to remember
it when you are safe. I finally got a heater on the room!!
So just trying to humanize these people, I was one of them,
some more crazy than others, but still people. So no glorifying
is my mission,no heroes, although they do probably do a job that
most people don´t do, just another job. At least is the Spanish
mind writing, If I was in the U.S I would like some ass for these
I guess, and then eat some cheese.
So if you have the time there is from minute 14.09 to 16.07,
And I shouldn´t watch this, but heck, I do. Plus I´m waiting for the call
of this Marrocan girl, and no, not drunk, sober as a big Oger.
Enjoy! whoever watches this-


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