love is in the air

You find love wherever you least expect
As or right now I´m screaming, heck!!
20 year old Marrocan Muslim woman
Ironic after my pass life with people of that faith
Yet seems that faith roams around in mysterious ways
In different hallways
No drinking
But can´t take away the smoking
I hope if I stay with her for some time
I don´t end up doing Ramadan crime
It is kind of a crime
To not eat and drink in the summer heat
Anyways….lets see how it goes, time will tell.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. No way, smoking is made on me. Plus is better than drinking, and you got to understand that without drinking I do get quite anxious, so smoking is part of getting the anxiety off, apart from the anxiety pills I take. But slowly and surely, I can quit. Just one step at the time, taking it easy, you can´t jump until you figure out how you can walk

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