This shit can only happen to me (100 word story… I think, maybe 130)

Foto 352

Crazy agonizing in the writing. Forget about it… the damn rhyming.

So this is actually turning into some sort of strange diary.
Quickly, so I got together with this Marrocan girl, she´s 20
I´m 34. So she goes to the “university” in my town. I get up there
and who is there for me to stare, the fucking Marrocan dude that
I bought hash and weed from(that was in the past), so we meet,
he smiles tells me how long it has been since we hadn´t seen each other……
I think he was crying, so out comes the girl I was to meet, really pretty,
smart, and you can talk to her about anything, quite strange by the way at least
in this town.
Now, she smiles at the guy, the one that is a dealer and talks to him, he looks at
me nods and still giving me a wink, I don´t know if that is the dead wink or if
the guy has some issues with the eyes.

Anyways, it was his brother!!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. I lied, that was 176 words.



      1. so you are calling me dreamy?….. women…and men… and humanity…
        first of I got to a rare start since the girl I was going to meet today she or better said his older brother dumped me, so not a good day, so another day will be yesterday, so….. well I´m gonna sit here a flirt with you, what do you think about that?

      2. Of course you’re cute! I’m sorry about today not starting out very well. Just don’t stray from the right path; no matter what, okay?

        Lol! I can’t hang out for very long, but I hope you keep writing.

      3. 3 lines, 3-5-7 syllables. Do you want to haiku with me?

        When you finish at least 2 haiku poems with a similar theme, send them to me at I’ll post yours and mine on my blog.

        This is, of course, only if you’d like to, and no worries if it’s something that doesn’t interest you. Think about it?

        Gotta go. Have a super night, Charly!

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