Good morning

Good morning
The sun is rising
Hitting me with warmth
Warmth I feel to myself and humanity
I lack vanity
Is all positivity

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Shit, you kidding me. You´re a guy?
        And yes that is my silly self… anyways, forget about the wife, lets have fun in Sin City ….Vegas!
        You pay for the first pocker game and after I win I pay for you and later get the best room. And some girls to add, no drinking no more but I can have a joint here and there, so are we on board with this adventure or what?
        shussssh, don´t tell your wife

      2. You mean my masculinity didn’t shine through?
        And thanks, but I’ve been married for 22 years because I do tell the wife – everything!
        Still, I appreciate the offer more than you’ll ever know….

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