Happy birthday dad


Yes, that is him
while working,
I never talk about my dad
and I know that makes you sad…..
not much more to say, hey! hold on,
he is quite the man
we never really talk,
but that is his way,
I know he knows I can stay
In this line, the correct line
that is mine to absorb- wich is more than fine.
So I doubt he reads this,
but happy birthday dad.
Actually it was never a cushy mushy cushy relationship,
that is how he sails his ship,
and that Is why I love the man,
specially, the mind he has, a prodigy really,
so how come I came out like this?
Anyways, I hope I am not giving the impression he is bad to his only son,
quite the contrary, really.
Some dads go to the kids game, some go fishing with the kids and all those things.
Is not the case of him, he just loves me in a different manner.
And really, not to be silly,
I´m damn proud of having this father.
Hope is a mutual feeling, I think so.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Thanks GP, the funny thing that, as always…. it was my mother who read it, not him. But I do know he is proud, he doesn´t show it, not the type of that man, but since you do tell the history of soldiers, I will tell you that when I got in to service my mother was pissed and didn´t talk to me in quite some time, but who was there to see my 3 months “graduation”, my father, and I didn´t even speak with him. That is the man.
      Plus he has the greatest brain in the world, coming from poverty, real one, and getting to where he is now. Just a person I admire, I know I will never be like him, that is why I don´t have “daddy”issues, I´m me, with all my past and doing now what I can.
      He knows it and he still loves me (at least is what my mother tells me), hopefully the guess is that he does know who and what I´m capable to do and he is him. Can´t ask for perfect or trying to like you, I lived my strange life, and when the shit hit the fan, sorry for that, but it is the truth, when the things got ugly and the rest of the family was not asking or not caring, or whatever they thought, who was there? You guessed it, this man, my father.
      So I could care less if he saw me playing scoccer or going ou to fish or other things that other parents do, which I obviously appreciate them doing so.
      But is not my case, as I said, we don´t speak much really, but the best words you can hear specially a father ( at least for me)
      I´m calling… this would be a typical conversation, this is MEf “hello how are you?”

      Dad: “doing good, is there a problem?”
      Me “Nope, just to talk to you.”
      Dad ” Well I have to work, so you are o.k right?”
      Me “Yes”
      Dad, “o.k, talk to your mother tomorrow.”
      That is him, gotta love the man, at least me

      1. He may not be one to talk much, but he cared if you were okay and [the main thing] he’s always there for you! That is how he says , ‘I love you.’

      2. Yes sir, I know that. I know how he is, so being how he is I can´t ask for more, plus as you said, he is there, when things go really south. You can´t ask for anything more. I don’t need the going fishing and all those things, we actually pull on him jokes about the going fishing with his son….funny his reaction, I think his heart starts beating a bit too much and his eyes wide

  1. It’s interesting. My husband and I go to a church group. There were three times within several months that speakers talked about men who are introvert. Many men don’t have too much to say. It takes understanding to know that without saying it, he loves his kids.

    1. I don´t really know about his psychology….actually I do, but point being is that he is not the typical dad, if there is one that is, he is just like he is, I do not expect to change the man I do not expect to be another person, is just him, my dad. And gotta love the man.

      1. There is a book titled “Five Love Languages.” Verbal expression is not the one language to say I love you. You dad says it in his own way. Of course there is no need to change, and you just love him the way he is!!!

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