My first novella

Title: The story of a chaotic life
You like the title?
Tell the truth I did get some help, and it was a quick one
she just blurt it out…mom, damn.

Now going back to writing, except if I get a comment from a girl… yeeeeeeeeeha!
and also to listen to this

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. If someone reads this, you think the title would be good?
I´ve been playing with some other titles but I just called her
and told her about what I was doing and she just blurted out.


    1. Well thank you very much, I still got do some more editing and obviously writing, but I Tthink people will enjoy it, is about overcoming, also nasty things, and at the same time I make it funny (the funny part I know for sure, it is me) make tragedy funny that would be.

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