Holy writing

Foto 274

My writing is lyrical
My people feel is biblical
I am the Priest
You are my flock
Do not resist
Do not try to walk in that crazy photo to persuade your priest
Just give him a small gift, of 20 million
To share it with the world of the human
I am your enlightenment
So you do not have to feel that lament
In the eyes of the lord
You are all riding the life of one accord …
staying good
eating good food
and all is love and peace
but don´t make me sneeze.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. That was a long time ago, I do not get into fights anymore, I´m all about peace and love,
      anlthough at least the other guy got his nose broken, and I didn´t pass off later on, wich I was about, he did hit quite good but me too, and does it seems I´m proud, unfortunately I am. But that was the past, at last

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