Yo, just chillin….

I just watching the U.S Presidential inaguration,
Just chilling here waiting for a margarita dscn2899
I see people like thisimages-2
and people like that images-1
Yo, I’m just chillin, hey Charly! bring me the Margarita and a cigarette will ya!
I want a drink
to think
let me begin
with my rapin
tired now
wanna eat a cow
my name is Tina
the cool dog
that ate a frog

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. Well I can only find you, so give me an internet hug, how does that work by the way….. should I call another girl or what, damn, I feel lonely, my heart is a broken star but YOU are able to enlighten me.
        And don’t tell me that didn’t sound good. I’ m a playyaaaaaaaa! and a bit of an idiot nutcase I should add, but a good one that you all girls like to be around once in a while

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