Spanish and Irish crazy

Concrete la fecha de mi muerte
that is my forte
Me aplicaron la ley antitorrista
I’m in paradise looking at that vista
Que cabron
looking at my razon
Soy el Spanish terrorista
Singing with the idiot anarchist/a
drinking in the bar ha roooooo!
tell the girls is just a booroooo!
I’m just writing while singing
in, belive it or not, a deep meaning
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaro! Hold it there.

tough men….
you can also lok to the other side
of people who cried
that is
the underworld
just anothe world
see it and trust me
actually beeter not that you see it
kind of tough, you thin you are that type of rough..

Lets have a conversation you bitches!/…..kidding

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Oh, great… I just looked up a Spanish swear word! This is a great style poetry for you. I think you should do more Spanish and collaborative works. If you like it.

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