internatinal bitch

Yes, the bitch it me.
so let it be,
Strange today even for me,
so that is what is to be,
first just taliking
and walking
and a bitof kissing
with…. a Marrocan!!
Wich his brother I know him,
a drug dealear, although I didn’t know
it when I met her, is a small town, so get down.

Later on, the ex girlfriend, a spaniard , if you can call any of
of these girls that, I got a swat, by the other guy
guy that was with her, and to my surprise I did not
respond, I just respond while talking bullshit alll along,j
but no fighting, except if you call fighting a swat in the head
and getting his neck and tellling him next time he does that
I’ ll kill him…..I sound like the mafia or…an IDIOT.

Anyways, with two of these crzazy’s and the blog it is called
Crazy Life, so there goes the story of today, in parts, the real
story I think is much crazy and maybe intersing.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Hey, don’t forget Im a hero…look!…fuck it, I just lost media photos
so me is we and me and he and her…. makes sense.. I did smoke a good joint
but that is nobody to judge…. I think, sorry momm.



      1. Hey, there is no age in love….did that made any sense?
        Well, my grandmother, may she rest in peace, when she saw me she had the best time of her life after I told her my crazy life stories. Great women. I must say that I do tell them quite funny and leave half of the real nasty things off, but she was no dummy and knew it, so…so so so,don’t know what to say anymore.

      2. my granddaughter the rocker said I’m the coolest person she ever knew. Grandmothers are often cool people, seeing as how we weren’t always grandmothers…ha ha.

      3. I know, by the way you said you have a grandaughter tha rocker?
        If she is over age you could put me in contact with her, a crazy spaniard yelling out “las sevillanas” plus the rock, that would make a good mix

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