d is for dangerous


but I think is not one of those really
I just kill kids
that is cigarette needs
and, now I just received a crazy call so….. as I’ m writing
I’ m talking in my new phoneIMG_1363
believe it or not that is the new I phone 15
wich is a bit of mixing
since you can talk with it while it is on my mouth
jesus christ, and this girl still talking and me writing
at the same time
so they, who the hell is they…. anywatys they whould give me a silve star
while I walk above a car, I could shut her up, just push a button and she is off,
but off the cough, but she will still be ringing. And this manipulative girl
is D for danger. And D for danger of me since I kill kids, according to the government,
what the hell, they sell the cigarettes they are legal, so what about us smokers…. just jokers.

P.S the writing is not all that bad considering i’ m listening to this crazy girl,talking talking and….
stalking. Damn, what a mix in the same cool poem.


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