Katie coric……………

I don´t get into politics, the name of the bolg it is Crazy Life,
so in my view specially, the first part and also more……

Fuck this bitch, the idiot never seen war, or shooting, or killing
and see friends dying, or smell the unique great flavour of that thing,
so fuck that bitch.

And you can tell, even if the bitch makes him look bad, even
at least this guy, knows a bit at least.
People die, in the homeland people cry,
so fuck it. I got in, went there, because of my choice
so fuck this journalist idiot bitch, and that dude too.

Pisses me off, although I did search some other youtube videos ,that lead me to this one.

Ponit being, shut the fuck up, if you haven´t been there, you are to scare, like
most of us really, but that is not to share the shame. Punks, and I will kick your ass
and slit you and spit on you, you can believe.
The blog is not called Crazy Life for nothing, so stop doing that bitch
thing…. the media. I´m pece and love.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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