Change and growth

For some people in order to change and grow you have to get rid off certain people
that is a real sequel,
change is inevitable
scary to stay on that table
you do not know why
or how,
change is life
it’ s a must be for me and you in order to strive
Do what you can
With what you have
And where you are
Hopefully change and growth
will come
and nobody can stand, on the way.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. Yeah what, you want me to be what…. yo crazy sista, in the crista of batista…. I think that made some sense if you look it down instead of up, or up down, or…. I forgot, anyways still love ya

  1. I hear ya! *whispers* I have binned a few this year…got to be done!

    Anyway… I know I’m late to the party and all, but Happy ‘belated’ New Year. I hope 2017 treats you well!

    1. Lookt at you, the burnette hot Englsih woman, really, you have in one of those….Anyways I’ m no one to judge, although I have been keepin of with your writing belive it or not, so you still there_ you know the problem is that i don’t know what I hit but i cant’t get where the normal quesions marks and the rest are in this freaking computer,
      hey you, apart that you are hot, you’ re a good person,
      ask me something by the way, whatever

  2. It is what it is ALL about. Everything. Change comes to show us the path and the path is there.. um, to create change. Every person, every sunset, every breath leads us to where we must go. We think its ine thing, but often that is just a hint at the complete opposite direction.
    You have grown and changed a lot since first we met. I like that.
    I like this poem today. Thank you.

      1. I’m a young 34, I remember hearing him when I was 19 would be my guess, and I still have a man crush, our love has last for a long time. But now I always to the same two songs most of the time……I have developed other tastes.
        My plasure reading you, hope with more time to read more.

      2. I got over him when I was 19! Hahaha. But that was two years ago, I do still recall some of his songs, he hated a lot on his mother and wife. (Maybe that’s why I eventually stopped listening to him, hehe).
        Thank you so much, that’s very kind of you, and more coming very soon! ^_^ More poetry from your side as well, I hope!

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