Spanish soldier killing anarchist

O.K. So I m a bit high with the weed, and there is no need for
me to watch this rare creed.
I will say something, Spain is not at all as the U.S.
I still remember my first week in boot camp as the Amricans
call it, they did say do not ever go alone go in pairs and have your
cell phone on hand. I was a Spanish legionaire, did we get into fights
with these anarchis ass holes….. you bet, so as you can see is quite
different from the U.S spcially when you have these idiots with knifes
I should add and bats, and more, so you go and defend youself.
I do regret that the other guy was killed, but it was jus one military
guy, wich he was a racist, and in the Legion I knew quite a few, as well,
funny, anarchist that put the the Cheke Vary, on their room. So it was a real
mix of personalities, not the best of them to tell the truth. But heroes they
were for me. And this is an iliustrated video of some of those anarchist.
By the way, this kid was surrounded by 50 plus so called peace anarachist,
so fuck them really.
They got a little taste of their own madicine.


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