Change and growth

I know these type of videos are corny, actually if you would tell me about seeing
these type of videos 5 years ago I would laugh at you, and if you would have told
me this at 19 the coooooooool, army boy time, I would laugh and then smack you.
Now at my age 34, actually the number doesn’t matter.

I have always beeen a big drinker, even at age 13 when I started to drink.
After army days it really got out of control, I ended up homeless and a criminal,
unfortunately I have a criminal record because of the booze.
That was quite something to say in public, fuck it.
But what they say in this video, specially the first one minute and a half
it is what is happening to me as of a couple of weeks. And is hard, since I do
live in a small town where the old so called friends live and other towns I move around
I see other so called friends, you can imagine what they do for a living…. and is hard
to not fall out of line and go out with them on a party trip, hard hard as an addict since
I AM an addict, it is hard. And tomorrow again to the detox center, and this has been for
a week or so, And life is really starting to look much brighter.
So this was a real cool video that as I was hearing it I was thinking to myself
this is exactly what is happening to me now.
Gotta take out the laoundry now, since we are 4 in this house so you got to
get there in fast, read ya latter!


    1. I do really appreciate it, and is not so much in the platform of in the public, actually I don’t care what people say about me, so for me this is therapeutic, wich is quite strange to put it out for people to read, but if maybe and one maybe and I doubt it, but if it is one that my life experience can help, don’t know how, the better.
      Thank you for the comment.

  1. It is a great video. I’m going to look for it on you tube and watch it again. Change is not easy, it’s not meant to be. Without the struggle we wouldn’t understand how valuable we are. Without struggle we wouldn’t appreciate the feeling of reaching our goal. Hang in there. I am glad things are looking brighter for you!

    1. And thank you very much, I don’ t expect people to,first, read long things since there are a bunch of blogs to read, second to listen to a long thing.
      So I appreciate your comment and interest.
      Hope I didn’t scare naybody by saying I have a police record. I doubt it though, people can read me and really read me if you know what I’ m saying.
      Stay Frosty gal

      1. I always do my best to stand in judgement of no one. Everyone’s journey is different and we all are here to learn different lessons. Some journey’s lead us up the hard road, but that is where the most valuable lessons are learned. Have a good one!

      1. baby steps are awesome, even if they are what I call ‘wet spaghetti’ ones = wobbly 🙂

      2. haha, I like that one (I don’t know how to put a yellow face with this new keyboard so the haha was the happy face), so yet we spaghetti is what we are doing

      3. The ‘yellow face’ is done by typing in a colon followed by a bracket. It appears after you press send – depending on which bracket you use it comes as either a frown or a smile. Like this 🙂 and 😦

      4. I got to that point, but I don’t know what I touched in the keyboards that they all are messed up, for example if I want to put this ? I a actually have to hit another key, so I have no idea what I touched innadvertenly in the keyboard but what it is supposed to be there is not, so I’ll fix it up sooner or latter, plus those yellow faces freeks me out

      5. hahaha *big grin*… you know I’m so tempted to add one of those evil yellow faces !

      6. LOL – I don’t need yellow faces of any kind. Don’t want to be responsible for freaking. you. out.

      7. I gathered there was story behind it all. Thanks for telling me. Hope you have no more.

      8. If you keep remembering me about creepy yellow faces running around in my bed and bitting me in the face of course I’m gonna have nightmares,
        but I kow you won[‘ t you are a hot young woman….love ya Miss or Misses?

      9. See, I knew you had a sense of humour,
        yo a sesy lady….Mrs. Sexy Soul gifts…that is what I’m going to call you unless you have a better one

      10. Holy, you write it as if you are not comming back, you still there?!!!
        wink wink, that is me winking by the way.
        Gotta have fun and laugh, you know that, yo a hot, don’t tell my parents I say these things

      11. I suffer from OCF, that means Obsessive Compulsive Flirt.
        So don´t put it on me, is not my fault, is mental thing, wing wing!
        That is what mother tells me, to behave, and I´m 34…..jesus christ, apart from the life I have
        lived, I can´t behave myself, since it would be boring for you, yes YOU women.
        But I can also talk seriously, although it bores me…. yo a hot ladyyyy1!

      12. You might as well but…..

        Roses are read
        Violets ar bule
        I can be so deep
        That you can´t sleep
        My mind is starting to creep
        In to you
        P.S that was kind of deep thing

      13. Once upon a time there was a little boy. His name was Charly. When he got really, really tired, he just couldn’t stop talking and talking. And that was exactly the very right time for Charly to stop talking, brush his teeth and go to bed. Sleep well, Charly !

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