Fuck the feminist…just love

I do know about military in
wich forge together is a group of men
that even if we don’ t like each other we will stand.
Just a questions, why the fuck do you want to be in combat?
To prove what?
Civilians will never undrstand,
but it is my stand.
You get a bunch of nut cases and not all the cases
although you got to be a bit of bit crazies,
to do a job, where I got git in the arm, and 3 of my
men got killed and one got shrudded in the…fuck.
That political corecteness pisses me off,
At the end of the day what keeps you alive it the unit,
one for all and all for one, that sounded good,
so you got a bunch of alpha males
telling and doing their tales
and then comes a girl…..

Fuck you bitches, and fuck youBut men bitches, you think
you know and you have a no but no about what is what it is,
leave me a commetnt please. I didn’t drink I just smoke a joint
and I’ m pissed off. But i can argue better than you could always
want it.
Stay….Frost and … fuck offf.
Lets the game begin.

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