Fake liberal bitch

Did I just say that in the title….True.
The left is always the morality police, the others,
just a realist and this guy is a damn good, no shit from him
nor taking it. He just destroyed the bitch without getting
pissed off,wich I would be, he calmly just….. take a look
if you want. I’ ll go see some more of these videos,
bitches sooner or later end up in ditches. For the simple reason
is the life they chose.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. If you care and do not stare in my rare, well this is a little glimpse of what
I do and see and….forgot was the other one. He.


      1. Not at all mate. I believe you should treat women as you would treat your mother or your sister. With kindness and respect. It’s the way a gentleman should behave. You won’t make many friends if you go through life calling women “bitches” and suggesting that they should end up dead in a ditch my friend.

      1. My friend, a BITCH got me into jail, got me in trial, and I got obsolved, they had the testimony of others and they I was let lo aose and the BITCH had to pay for the trial, she is still paying by the way. I won’t treat a woman like this BITCH that is a fake and a controlling freak, that can only bring you bad things. And by the way this BITCH has gotten 3 guys, so you stay with her and then you tell me about it.
        With guys, I don’t have no problem, just to kick our ass and we are done. But women here as the law is, if you call her stupid…that is after she just insults you insults you family and more worst things, and by the way where was the police when this bitch took ou a knife on me? Tell me my friend.
        So never tell me I disrespect women, my mother is women number one, and the rest they are just humans, some good and some bad, but I will never disrespect or put a hand on a women,
        that I can get mad? Yes, Is that criminal? NO.
        And I should add that yesterday I punched the shit out of south American criminal, so please do not acusse me of shit like that. You don’t know me.

  1. Calm down son. Have a beer and a cigarette. You’re getting all upset and it’s bad for your blood pressure The trick is not to have too many beers or too many cigarettes because that’s bad for your blood pressure too. You can’t win really can you amigo?

    1. You are right on the last part, you can’t really win can you amigo….that’ s true since I didn’t figure out this was a contest, I just figured tow people who don’t know each other and disagree in very touching subject that they, when I say they, I refering to the government.

      By the way son, I can win most of the time. Call the judge and ask him.

      1. I know quite a bit about judges myself in actual fact.
        In the past I have been charged and tried in court for: Actual Bodily Harm (3 times), Grievous Bodily Harm (2 times), Assault and Battery, Common Assault, Affray, Demanding Money With Menaces, Threatening Behaviour, Possession Of An Offensive Weapon, Breaking and Entering and Possession of a Class B Drug. And those are just the ones I can remember. So you see, Charly boy, I ain’t no fucking angel bro…but I treat women with courtesy and respect at all times. It’s the way I am and it’s the way I expect others to be too. If I see a man disrespecting or ill-treating a woman in public, I’ll hurt him so bad he’ll curse the poor unfortunate mother that gave birth to him. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have other more important business to attend to. You have a nice evening ok? 🙂

    2. About your last comment, you’re a fucking punk. Giving me a list of your misbehavior, fuck you punk. I have been shot at, army days so don’t fuck with your stupidity, guys tried to stab me, 6 months in jail for braking the arm of a security guard, and the list can go on. Now I just write poetry, so fuck you if you think you’re gonna scare me. Told you before, I have plenty of people here in my own town that would love to fuck me, well, hasn’t happened yet. Trust me when i say that you can be my best friend, but you do not want me as an enemy.
      Plus what the fuck are you saying about women idiot. Specially saying something about my mother, fuck ass punk. Never accuse me of that shit, and if you do. I will gladly go to your country and meet you, if you pay for the plain.
      Never fucking threaten me. Bitch. With a guy I have no problem getting into one or twenty fights, I’ ll fuck you up. And that, you can believe.

      Stay Frosty gent

    3. Told you, fuck with me and is not good for you, I like this video bitch

      Trust me when I say do not underestimate me, specially a punk that hides behind a computer
      saying stupid things about me. Never in your life are you going to say that about me, and that you can belive. I will give you the place where I live and you come here, trust me I will give you the place where I live, lets see then, punk fucker, never insult my mother nor what you said about me and women, never or ou might got what is in the video, plus the guy war army like me so fuck you.
      YOu really got me pissed off my friend. Just keep on going lets see where I can get

  2. Politicians like this woman often display a false morality, a “holier than thou” attitude. Secretary of Defense Mattis was obviously out of her league. But I found the line “bitches sooner or later end up in ditches” disturbing. You genuinely care for others, Charly — men and women. That’s clear from your work. Unfortunately, not all men do. Violence against women is a tragic reality. Just wanted to say that.

    1. What can I say Anna, I was pissed off. And you are a lawyer if I remember correctly. And I really don’ t regret what I said, the blog is called Crazy Life. You know me, I’ m not that difficult to read and you do know I have the outmost respect for women, certain women that is as well as certain men, Did I saiy something offensive? Probably and that was my point.
      And….you do know even from my writing that I’ m a good guy, probably too good of a person.
      Looooove ya

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