Gangsta Paradise

Sorry about that, that photo should not be in my gansta “add media”.

The house of hell!!!

Let me begin
to tell you one thing
and this is not my best
but I did knock 4 days ago a south american to rest
He-give me one euro
Me-sorry mand don’t have it
He- give me two euros
Me- sorry again, do i have to say it in chineese or what
Him- you diot, dumb, you’re just dumb

Me…..hit it!

So the last word got me,
so there i am, by the way i’ m going free fall here, , had it written down,
but i prefer to go on a free fall.
Fucking South american pice of shit, wich he is a criminal and a bad one too,
are there any good ones? Yes, me.
So let it be, so i turned around and called him some colourful names
and since i’m in sane, just went for the idiot, and these guys are
pretty quick to take out a knife and stab you, but at the time it was
for me to say….BOOOO!

Actually it was a spanish guy that was with him, to told me to let it go. Since the idiot
got his share of liks and kicks.
I’m not a racist since people that read my Crazy LIfe know, but why in the world
a convicted felon like him, is in my country? So, it seems it was his bad to pick
that fight.
Funny thing, as I was walking back to home, I hear the idiot ” he just hit me” saying it surprised,
what the hell you thought I was going to do if you come after me, punk and little south american skunk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
P.S that was a cool picture of me, hey ladies!!!…..sorry or not, It is called Crazy Life the blog,
I can write some Shakespeare shit but not here.



    1. Did you just mewed at me?….wow
      I don’t know what I did touching the keyboard but all the characters have changed, where there was before this? now is /. So I can’t put cool and freaky yellow faces to wink at you

  1. and love ya Sir Spaniard 0- and if I have not said it lately – I am glad you are still around and sending you wishes for a good day and healthy body. 🙂

    1. Somthing funny, I go to the bank to do my things, and the girl behind the counter asks me if I want to have a “death policy”, don’t know the exact words in English, but to buy a policy in case I go to the sky. Go figure that one out, I thought she was screwing around with me….. cause it is a small town and she does know me.
      My answer was, no response. Just…. Screw you

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