50 Word Stories: Passing Through

I’m to lazy to write today. So I’m just reading you all.
Don’t tell me this is not a great writer. I enjoy quite alot reading him, although some times I have to constantly use the dictionary to understand some of his really beautiful words I finally figured out after reading half of the dictionary.

Richard M. Ankers - Author


Another town,

another day,

another view,

I never stay.

I hum the same song. The words chug out with the same repetition as the tracks, a beat only I appreciate. It’s no life, mum claimed, travelling without a destination. She never understood. No one does. Only the songwriter and me.

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    1. He really is, one day if I put the work on it maybe I get to his level, but again is work work learning more work, e.t.c.
      Or not to his level but at least improve mine in my own way, you know I have my own style of writing that will not copare to him and for that matter anyone else. Just me.

      1. well you are at your own level – different gifts and you just keep doing what you do – and keep it classy and all – ha!

        and you know not to compare and so that was well said –
        but it also takes great confidence to promote other writers – so I am glad you are not cocky and also confident in your own writing gifts

      1. O.k, got to go back and read the comment and the post, so I told you that you didn’t seen my shakespere style…..if you can call it that, so what I was trying to tell to you is that I’m the next generation of Shakepeare, maybe a bit off, but on the way

      2. Oh ok. I thought there was a particular post of yours that you wanted me to read!! I didn’t want to miss it. To thee Mr. William, enjoy your way!! 🙂

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