Running of the bulls in my town

I can see some familiar faces there. So yes, this is my freaking town.
So you can come to me whenever you want. By the way I should add I was
not running with the bulls but I was on top of one of them…. I’ m that cool.
And if you are against bullfighting this is not the blog to get into an argument
about it, it’s our long and very long tradition. If you see a guy with the hat in
black, that is me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. You thought I was there? Screw it, I was reading and writing by that hour. I already did that so it actually bores me. What doesn’t bore me and pisses me off is the idiot that is throwing “hang granades” up, or as you call it in spanish “petardos” they sound like a mortar but they are not, so I did ask a guy if you could kill the guy throwing Petardos, he said no…… he is weird….

      2. I actually asked an old man if I could kill the guy throwing them, he said no it was against the law, so I just looked at him and told him he was weird…..

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