Who said gangsters where stupid?

I will vote for this guy, and I have never hear him sing nor talk, until today.
Just vote for him for president of the world. Or vote for me. I should add that
maybe this guy is a bit trigger happy so do not give him the password of the nuclear
weapons and take some of his tattoos of, and well this guy probably smoked a dozen
joints before the interview, but who cares. The guy makes sense, specially at the end.
Plus you can see how they try to pin him down and the anchors just can’t, if this Rastafari
can do it while smoking 20 joints, I’m voting for this guy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Your opinion, I have been arrested and convicted, and that does not put me in a dumb person, plus the guy actually makes more sense than you, he is trying in his own way to bring people together, he knows his audience, and he has experience it even if the thre idiots interviewing him are trying to get him, he says the truth instead of spinning it like an example…. let me think, you. So grandma, try to pick a verbal fight with me and you can not win. I might be high as a kite…or maybe that is not true, you just can’t argue with that man, liberals are made for ….forgot, that was the weed sorry, liberals like you, I can argue your way out to existence but I don’t have the time, plus you bore me since I can anticipate the question slash statement, so I really don’t want you to get mad because of my rational and you will end up dumb in your arguments.
      Hit it!

      1. hi Charly! always nice to hear from you. (oh, it’s “grad”mama…not grandma….just sayin’) I spin stuff? I’m not sure if you meet the guy you mentioned in your blog…or our fearless leader. Who said you’re a dumb person…someone very dear to my heart lives in a prison…so I’m sure not opinionated on that score. Weed, huh? never tried it because it was before my time. I don’t pick arguments with you…or any one else. Why would I get mad? I think what I think…you think what you think. No one is under any obligation to read what I write so…WTF are we even talking about here?

  1. I have always loved Lil Wayne, I am a huge fan actually and through his music I personally have realised how much it puts us together. He is also an honest man, especially towards the end of this interview, they tried to make him churn his opinion and thought they would say he hadn’t experienced racism due to his fame but here I am I have never experienced racism and I am not even famous. I would vote for him too.

    1. To tell you the truth Samantha, I have no idea who this guy is let alone listen to his music. But I can say something about that interview, apart from bein a fellon, wich really quite some politicians should be, the guy took the answers deflected them as a pro. As I gathered his fans are mostly white, so this guy is no dummy, and I actually believe him when he says “comming together it might be the first step”.
      Anyways, I just had fun seeing how those anchors where trying to pin this guy down to answer what the anchors wanted him to anwer and he didn’t. And actually made some good points.

  2. I don’t understand why people want to instigate racism where there clearly isn’t any in his life. They weren’t happy with his answers, I’m surprised they even aired the interview and didn’t just leave it on the cutting room floor! At least kudos to them for airing it. You rock Lil Wayne!!

    1. I had no clue who this guy is, nor I listen to his music. What was interesting for me was to see how these anchors tried to get out of him the answers that they wanted to hear, and this guy smartly since he does know the majority of his fans are white, deflected the questions perfectly. I’ m just talking on a pure debate type of thing,

  3. hello again…I came back here to see what led to your harsh words to me. You said you would vote for Lil;’ Wayne, and my — ok, implied — comment was that “he couldn’t do any worse than what we have now.” I don’t know Lil’ Wayne…but I don’t know most people. Heck yes…I would vote for him ahead of a lot of other people…especially ahead of the phonies that run our world now.

    1. I wouldn’t vote for this guy even if I was high as a kite, but the blog is called Crazy Life so I had to say something crazy. But having said that he is very smart in his responses.
      And again I apologize for my harsh words. Actually I had to go back and read my comment to you, and I did say to myself…..that is not me. So sorry again.

      1. so you’re saying now that I really do make sense, even for a liberal? huh! the worst critic I ever had said I was a “rude, ignorant stranger.” that really cut to the core!

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