Foto 290
That would be in some strange of high, alcohol mixed with… who knows maybe ethanol.

I have cause quite a lot of pain to the people around me, and I try not to be that me.
I have been sober for 4 weeks, but,
I find myself depressed, I don’t want to talk to people they aggravate me , I’m just being lazy,
and this shit is crazy.
Saying it in a public forum one commentator said I had guts.
No guts in this one if you find about other things I have actually contributed to society.
Who would have thought that I will find myself in this kind of knot, they did tell me
that sobriety will take some time to….really get hold of myself.
Just a fight each day, but I have not drinked, the joints I smoke I will admit,
even when I buy them joints from the idiots, or I’ m the idiot better said, they bore
me this guys. Not the gals though.

Is difficult and I better get my ass out of the couch and start doing.
To be like this


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses/


    1. I do want to, trust me on that, but is hard as hell. But I have made the commitment to myself, and yes I might smoke some weed but in my mind is certainly not as bad as the other thing.
      And thank you for the comment

      1. What I have just read is a reflection of me.
        I did start drinking at 12 years old and is whas not like I drank two beers, I was the one who drank the whole case of beers.
        About being generic, my family has been quite the drinkers, but I have to take responsibility for me and I can not accuse anybody but me.
        It was an interesting, at the same painful read. Pain comes when reality hits you, so again thank you.
        Thank you Stevie.

    1. Hey there Amanda, long time no write to you. I even missed you if you can believe it. Anyways, take care of you and specially your family, I do still keep looking around in your blog even if I don’ t comment so……booo! be aware.
      Take care gentess.
      Apreciate the comment.

      1. Heeeeey! You’ve been spying on me, have you? *quickly throws some clothes on*

        It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I was offline for a good few months…but I’m back now. I’m a good blogger now… not a slacker! 😜

      2. What did you think? Ofcourse I was spying on you, had to read your crazy ways of writing about life that puts a smile on me, hold on…. can you please take your clothes off?
        So, you are not a blogger slaker, that’s good, getting back to what’s REALLY important, how are you dressed now?…. Kidding,
        Looooove ya Amanda, take care.

  1. Just remember the desire to drink will always pass. Time will go on and one day you will look back and wonder when you last felt like a drink

      1. If you have come this far, just keep thinking positively. God will give you the strength to overcome if you ask. Sometimes it requires starting over and over again. Just don’t give up

      2. And I do belive in HIM, actually I have a poster of HIM on my room, probably scared some girl off though. But HE is quite a great part of my little me.

  2. Hugs to you, Charly. I’m also trying to overcome an addiction and it sucks. Daily life is a bore without my addiction to prop me up xx so I can totally empathize

      1. I know the feeling. Sometimes it seems as though God isn’t listening, but He is working in you. He created you for a purpose in this world. It may be that your situation will help someone else in the future. It may be that He’s toughening you up for an even greater problem. We can’t try to figure him out, but we can depend on the fact that He loves us and wants what’s best for us The fact that you want to change is the first step. Many times we have to take that first step over and over again, but at some point, if we continue to try, we won’t fall. God will catch you and help you through it. Keep on trusting in that.

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