a real hero


Show me a hero and I will prove he’s a bum

And yes that cool hero guy in the photo is me.
So I heard this quote…the one I just put in black!! …what the fuck is with this…damn wordpress
And probably is not for all, but quite a few, in the job you
do what you gotta do, won’ t get into specifics.
Funny story, and I did write it some time go,
I was in a bar talking with the bartender who also happened to be
an ex military guy and this college girl overheard the conversation and
she actually called me a hero, go figure that one out…what I figured
is that she started buying drinks. So hero I am.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. You’re very hard on yourself, Charly. I agree that heroes have feet of clay. We all do. Some people though do extraordinary things, despite that. You’re a hero in my book.

  2. A hero keeps fighting, even when there is no fight left in him. Whatever he may be fighting for… maybe even fighting to just stop fighting with himself. However he chooses to do that, the doing it matters. Because, it means, he is a good person who wants to be good to others.. and perhaps by chance himself. Live you kiddo.
    ps… where’s my email, any email will do. I like people, sometimes, you know.

    1. I know about the email, I’m working on it. On a short story and see what you have to say whenever you have time to read it.
      By the way, thank you for the uplifting comment.

      1. Your mind is made up, so won’t try to convince you that that is not actually true, other than except maybe in this instance. πŸ˜› HAHAHAHAHA!
        Maybe if I WAS evil you would not think I am evil. Shall we try for that than instead?

      2. First of all, you should be praying for me since my girl, now is a ex girlfriend, by the way go figure,this is the type of lady that has an emotional touch with every guy she touches down, so anyways i got dumped by this one, goooooooooooo figure.
        Lets see what you have to say about that….just do the mom thing

      3. Fine then, I’ll say the same thing I did to my son when his girlfriend dumped him because she couldn’t control him…It wasn’t you, it was her.
        And, chemical bonding causes some horrid sensations in the body and mind when something we are used to is taken away. Be it playing guitar, a certain food, a substance or live endorphined…
        Do something you love Charly. Spend time with your mom, write, keep busy. Relationships come and go, except one. The one you have with yourself. And if you believe in a God, that ine too.. but even that one, at times, feels like it disintegrates into fragments. It is all about seasons babes. Pour your passion out. love you sweety.

      4. Holy shit, your really went into mommy mode, or just call it rational human being.
        I know, and you are very right about the keeping busy, is hard thought since I’m an alcoholic that have been sober for over a bit a month, so that is my war now, just keeping sober, and this girl was going to the other direction, so point being, I actually dumped her since being sober and having familly first is the first in my mind, not going to clubs and the street to do nothing good for sure.
        loooove ya

    1. I’m sure am, she eventually started and finished buying quite a lot of beers, I could give you a creepy yellow face with a wink but I can’t, anyways point being…forgot, yo talkin to me, yo talkin to a hero plus you have to add a zero. Here in Spain is not like in the US, all that hero thing and for country and all that…. is not what we do here nor where we belong, we belong for each other and that is it. And my guess is that happens in all army infantry guys in all around the world, we do want to see war, we do want to fight, although after you have your firs contact in the war some guys want to get out of it, not my case and fortunately nor the other much nut cases around me, so yes at that age at that time we wanted it, we could care less about the politics or if we where doing something to “help” the people out there, wich eventually we did, we did kick out the idiots that sorrounde that sector so the other people NGO’s I m a hoooo..ssss, sorry. But I do remember the first day, and quite a few, but telling you a story, the first thing that came out of all the other nutcases bastards, they were my bastards and still are, was basically a simple question, wich was when are we going to see combat.
      You do not join the army specially infarnty to look up to the sky and pray or something like that, your job is to kill, the tabu word, and that is why I myseld I do seek HIM after all, but at that time at that moment, we are not there to say thank you very much, we are there to do our job and the job by definition, actualy the army by definition is to go to war and kill, the only difference from the other parts of the army is that we where infantry, specially..SPANISH LEGION, crazy nazy look at dazy, we did our job.
      I think I’ m going a little off…..

      your fault, you got me started.
      love ya

      1. well wow- and not all Vets are viewed as heroes over here in the States – not at all. and many are healing with PTSD and have so many wounds but unless they have the purple heart or some award they do not always feel respected. it is not perfect here.

        and emailing you now – check your email – k?

      2. I’ ll check,and about the vets and PTSD…..my war now is to stay sober wich I have been for over a month, and that is actually not actually but it is quite hard to say the least. This is my war now, forget about the other shiiiiat.
        o.k, gonna see the email now

      3. the checking the email thing, in the inbox i have over 2000 emails, meaning that all the post that they post every minute goes to there in to the freaking inbox, so is quite dificult to see what is an email to a post, so I might as well make an email in the google account. Do it latter if I don’t fall asleep

      4. I just saw the inbox thing and is full of posts, I can get a google account though.
        By the way when I say it’s fool, you foool……na, all the other guys and gals every time they post something goes into my inbox so in one day the inbox is full of a thousand posts at least, so I got to get another acount for other things, likek talking and you editing for me, you did promise that, the editing thing, you are a religious women and HE is looking over you, so you can look over me….got it?
        love ya

      5. I have been sober for one month and two weeks, and is hard to do it by yourself, I will admit that I do smoke some joints here and there when I get a bit nervous so that thing calms me down, so it has been over a month! Sober, I have trouble sleeping, and more troubles with money, and I think war was easy copared to this, but I have one objectice and this is why I stay sober and why I have my routine wich I broke today, since I did smoke something, but better than drinking, point being MOTHER. She is number one, she sees me good and her heart starts beateing better, you know what I mean? And that is no joke, so I better have my thing together just in case sommething happens, but for her seeing her only son doing good, in my world doing goog is not money is not being a fuck up, just being sober that’s it. She is the one, I did write a post long time ago, when the shit hits the fan and really shit, I just react and do what you have to do apart from not drinking I have to take care of her and the rest of the familly, or help whenever they need it.
        Quite strange really, but through out my life it has always been like that, i’m an idiot, i go out with too many girls wich really they are B…..s, I get drunk, drugs, and even this was incorporated when I was serving my country….fuck that, you want a person next to you when the things get tough, then you got me, all the other things dissapear.
        By the way….you are not my psychologist?……what a story

    2. Holy I forgot,
      I am a hero, you know how many beers this idiot girl bought me? I can’t remember so that must be goooood.
      By the way I have been sober for a month and some days, and this is my war, staying sober, actually harder than the other thing in some respects,
      but….. I gotta say I had to smile to myself, when she started asking me questions about the army, I just milked that like you couldn’ t believe as long as she kept putting the beers on the table, and I wasn’t lying really, she wanted to hear what she wanted to hear so that is what I gave her, plus since I don t know you but I feel like you are like a kind of mother, or not really I’ m 34 years old so….. there it goes, what I am is high as a kite with the mari….juana.., point being, this girl really was fascinated by the stories I told her, and they were pretty much the truth most of them, and to the other point and I know you don’t like to hear it but I will put it in a way that sounds very nice….. we had a love affair that night….damn, and this is quite a story I told you, by the way you are married and with kids and all that things, two questions,
      one does you husband know about your blog?
      Just asking since knowing me I’ m just say crazy things, since the other girl and I think you know wich one now she is married and she has banned me from the comment section because she is afraid my comments might offend his husband, f..k him, she didn’t care before she got married and now thid f….king Indians, I actually hate that culture, you can call me a selective racist, so for now I am done……………………………buuuuuuu!

      Maybe your son like this one

      1. well of course he does – πŸ™‚
        and sometimes he used to pray with me before I posted certain posts – especially if they were about a serious topic or had faith. That was many years ago. But he drops by – and he knows who you are and we have prayed for you a few times – as a friend – like when you were healing last New Year’s Eve – I was so proud of you – he knows that you are another CP – and he likes the image I made with your face on the bull fighter dude….

      2. No kidding, you remember the last new years eve…in the hospital ofcourse, and you remember, go figure, you sound like my ex girlfriend, this gal would remember some thing long time ago that I didn’t give it too much thought, that includes my stayings in the hospital wich I have lost track how many times by now, anyways…………………you remember, that is kind of freaky, evil women

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