complete and total dominance

complete and total dominance
is also a pure predominance
what else,
the capacity of a few people
that are not that simple
and create
in certain situations that life’s are at stake
they will be in control and playing their role
of complete and total dominance
since it was a well rehearsed dance.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. ha ha, Henry my man,long time no see.
      You had me chuckling here. Hey, you said something about keeping it well, well I just got dumped by a “lady”, normallly is the reverse I dump them, but this one was actually normal, and she dumped me, actually after sleeping 2 hours I’m awake now thinking what could I have done….. and that is a hole bunch but I did like her, seems the sentiment was not mutual, fuck her then, moving on.

      1. Brother Charles…I have never spent a minute better, than when in love. I am sorry for your situation.
        The best thing to do is go and taste the blood of your enemy and drink from his skull

      2. I have no heart that is the problem, by the way a girl is going to come to my house today, but is just another one, not the ONE.
        So yes, I will start drinking blood since now I have been sober for over a month, so instead of wisky it will be blood, just hoping I don’t get addictive to it

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