1. I wouldn’ t be where I am if it wasn’t for that woman, plus I did put quite a lot an effort in my part, but only her was the one that stuck by me at the end, so gotta love her, and hope she doesn’t read this, she would say I’m a pussy man if she read this.
      Anyways, appreciate the comment and taking the time to read my nutty stuff

  1. Tell you what Charles. In the time that I have been away you sure have softened up old bean.
    You still living la via loca?

    1. Me soften up? I just got into a fight and I liked his blood and then I cut his heas off. So no, I’ m not a softy,
      and la viva loca….. seems it’s in my veins so yes, I can not dispute that although I am a good person, and you know H the G
      By the way I shouldn’t say it in public but I will, I do know your real name and what your real job is, quite interesting by the way
      And .. forgot I just smoked a joint, and is not my fault by the way

      1. You do know the real me. However, what you didn’t know is I have moved to Australia! Sold my business, got myself a degree and emigrated, me and my family.
        Serious times and adventures brother Chuck.
        Keep well hombres

      2. I do know you even if you can’ t believe it, by the way this sounds like a nutty ex girlfriend trying to poke you…..well if you are in Australia then, get me a fucking cangaroo!

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