the real gangster

Foto 353

I’m an uneducated fool
with no money of mine
it all went to the good wine

I can’t stand your precious life,
kids,husband, money, expensive vacations
and so on and so forth and that is not of worth

Nobody is going to teach me
so how can they reach me?

I don’t care,
since money is money
and they love you with that honey
but hold on to it since people like
me can steal that money
and get myself all horny.

P.S Now I’m going to steal some things in the supermarket, so if you don’t
hear from me is because I will be in jail.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. May all of your theft always go unnoticed and undetected. Cause who has time for jail, you know, with all our important everyday responsibilities and jobs haha, not our fault we can’t afford whatever the hell were stealing…. Or is it ? :s
    I don’t care anyways cause everything is so much better when it was free
    I only want to pay for liquor and drugs. The only purchases I make that I make with satisfaction and an over willingness

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