The us marines fight club

I was in the army, and I like to portray these type of people as they are
and make the viewer uncomfortable. Heroes they say, well humans I say,
plus a to tell the truth,who the fuck wants to go into combat?
Maybe you know somebody, but is not natural to want that, yet there are
a small percentage of people that we do want to go. I have no clue why
I watch this videos. I was one of them, you got hit and you hit back
to show that you are not a pussy. Plus at my age I have become a pacifist,
I think…..booo! By the way this is what does happend when you got a bunch of guys
that have been deployed, or not even that, just have a bunch of crazy’s with adrenaline flowing
add some alcohol and you get this, plus no girls as the title was saying.
Hit it.
I might say, that these type of people are the ones that you want next to you when the shit
hits the fan.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. Where do you actually find people like that? I feel like I’m fighting most battles for other people on my own. They ask for help and they disappear the moment shit hits the ceiling. Maybe I’m just fighting for the wrong people 🙄

    1. actually let me begin with a sin, you are not a fucking or never where you a soldier, so you get what you get, and the next day it’s over once the adrenaline mixed with alcohol goes. I can understand this guy, I was in my time one of those, so you do not know the stress you have, and this stress you relieve it in some manner wich in this case it what you see.
      Plus I can keep on saying that you need us, so I was going to curse you out but no, I’ m a pacifist…..I think, so be weary with who you talk to

    1. I know, and tell me is not difficult to keep your cool after month and months or forget about months just a month at the most, to not get a bit irritated with the same guys all day long?
      But after that point was that my point, is that I’ m tired the hero thing, we are humans and quite imperfect if you ask me when we get into that kind of work, do we do things that others don’ t? Yes, that others are scared shitless? Yes, but there is the component of being a human, so when this girl said I was a hero I didn’t laugh at her since she was buying the drinks (by the way I don’t drink anymore, a joint here and there maybe) and I was just poring the thing all to her, I have been here did that did the other did …….. Pisses me off sometimes when they are so bent on wanting a hero, that is what people want, a hero, I did quite extreme things with quite extreme people including myself, and there was no hero in our work, it was our job and we did it to as best we could. We got shot, we killed, nothing heroic in that one, we did what we had to do to stay alive and keep the others alive. Just the job.
      But call me a hero after while your inviting me to a burger, I can talk all day long about good, bad, in between, the funny and e.t.c.
      I do remember that you told me that you had been in the army, and now that you have, and I won’t talk more since it seems my fingers even talk more than my mouth.
      Stay Frosty gent. Loooove ya, but not in the gay sense.

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