the two women i love


So there they are,
The only two women that I really love
For them I have to take off my boxing glove
The two women……plus a lost sister, but that is not here or there,
The two women I love
And I will become a dove…flying above the sky and shitting on
The people that are a disgrace for them
I will do them a favour and get them done, out.
Love ya

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. First thing I do in the morning is laugh at my face in the mirror, that gives me the obligation to do the crazyyyyyy!
        love ya sista, do I sound like a gangster?

    1. Are you kidding me? I don’t know the guy, or if I know him there are quite few people I try to follow and viceversa so who is that guy, sed me the link if you want. A portrait of me? You serious?

      1. Yep, I saw it and commented on it so go and she th comment, I just went on him like a little bitch and screamed and laughed and,………………………………………maybe nothing,
        by the way that was cool and strange, why the fuck does this guy that doesn’t know me from when Eve got the apple has a picture of me…… kind of weird

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