who let the dogs out?!!!


balls are like magic
is not static
didn´t mean it in that way
i meant the ball in my mouth, say hay….you better
i´m the Tina Turner
i can do some murder
so this is what comes out of my head
without being prepared

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. It usually happens…… I was going to say something that sounded bad so I´ll try to keep my mouth shut.
      Yo a at play!!!!
      By the way, I just had “wiky wiky” with the woman who rents my room…..kind of weird I am saying all this 😉 hold on now that the keys in the computer seem to work I can put creepy smily faces and this ❤

      1. Yes well good for you and be a gentleman and have manners and say thank you, and Do Not Ghost because ffs I hate ghosting, lecture over, and good for you

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