I’m sexy and you know it

I’m sexy and you know it
do do do do
you can be a Brit or take the exit
to where? Without me… you can’t be
hey ladies!
don’t be cruel
and take advantage of this guy that is so cool
can anybody give be a stool? I just want to sit
sit and spit, my words of humanity and there goes my gravity
of the situationally of specifically,
I’m sexy and you know it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

yo delincuente

fucking picture should go on top….wasssap with wordpress, playing mind games with me, I’ m sexy and you know it



    1. My meaniing……that is up to you to decide, but I will give you a couple “truths”, I’m a good person, I also like women, and sounding…. I don’t even have to sound or pretend, girls like me. But, and is big but, they just use me. As I always said, I’m like fast food easy to get, taste good and easy to dispose.
      So there goes your reply, but do not cry

      1. Ah poor Charly!
        If I had a gigantic fluffy feather, I would tickle you with it till you burst into a fit of laughter.
        But truth it is that such a feather doesn’t exist. Which is why I’ve written this comment, hoping it’d make you smile.

      1. 😘 Back at ya babe! Just been pulled in other directions lately. When I do get a chance to get on though, I always come check on you ☺️

      2. And you don’t know how much I truly appreciate that, I really do, that you would come and read after x number of months my crazy writing….. you are precious

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