This is war

I was in the infantry of the Spanish Legion and they went trough
some tough times, we didn’t have the media or cameras on helmets,
you do more with less, was one of our mottos. So according to the
psychologist I should not watch these kind of videos but….
there it is. Ugly truth.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. o my God what?
      Not asking you in that type of sense, just asking you, you as a civilian that haven’ t seen war, thank God for that, but you do have also in your country people like this. I lost 3 friends so this is part of my therapy, even if the psychologisht doesn’ t think so, just remember what I know.
      So omg, what?
      You feel sad or something, you feel shock?
      What’s your opinion, I wouldn’t post this for nothing

      1. The guy didn’t get killed, does it hurt? I guess so. He still alive, he did volunteer to do that job like many of us, so that is part of the job, getting wounded or killed, that simple.

      2. And where do you live in the land of “la la lalal” land.
        The title says it all, this is war, I myself joined up to go to it, and actually quite some other guys and girls I should add, also joined up to go.
        Granted I was 19 years old full of pure spanish stallion stesterone, but ad the end you do need people like us to keep you safe, even if we are crazy, but you do need us. And that part of my life, is something nobody can take away from me nor I will feel ashamed, quite the contrary, THis was, and I bet you think this is crazy, but it was the best part of my life having to go with all the shit with my men, and doing what we had to do, proudest moment. So if I die tomorrow, be it, I did make a difference in the world, maybe a small one, but I did, WE did.
        Killed? You said, part of the job.

      1. I lost many good friends to the new wars. The war keep coming. I pray I don’t take my grandchildren to a deployment like my Grandmother took me.

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