2100? Followers…damn

I don’t even know how to start reading all these many people, and even more interesting
for me is why in the world would so many people would actually pass through my blog.
Wich I really appreciate it by the way. I never started this blog thing to get followers,
I do know quite a lot of people are very much obsessed with the following, not me. I actually
started because I call this “My free online university”, so to read writers, blogs of photography,
really all range of type of blogs, I even follow a blog that talkes about makeup for girls….kind
of creepy I know. But it sometimes gives me some ideas for my own little stories.
Point being, THANK YOU.
I’ll try to keep up with as many as I can, specially now in the weekend.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


  1. Congratulations! I have at least 870 fewer followers, and I have a difficult time keeping up with all that reading, yet it is worth the effort.

    Fortunately, most don’t post daily, though some post more than once daily. It has shaped my blog: I post more photos and less text, typically, than I did when I started the blog. Of course, content based on living with two Persian cats tends to gravitate toward photos over text anyway.

    All that blubbery text later, suffice it to say, I enjoy your blog and am pleased to be one of 2100 followers!

    1. Thank you.
      I know about your cats,as a matter of fact after reading you quite often I consider myself the cat whisperer. I enjoy reading enjoy reading your posts, and those two little monsters. Lovely monsters that is.

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