the last goodby

A life changing moment,
sobering up
and emptying the last dark cup,
goodby he says to the flow of evil liquid
and goodby he says to the people around him,
people that don’t help in his next step in life,
he knows is a long and very difficult ride
but one that he can not hide.
Goodby to evil liquid and people.
Next chapter we’ll see how it goes,
it has its cons and pros,
but this is his next war.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. As I figured I’m a gent, and my lets say mother would be a gentess and more mothers will be gentesses. They should put that word up in the Oxford dictionary, I still don’t know why they are taking so long

  1. Cheers to your goodbye. gentess and gentesses are fine. I remember when our local female official got up to congress level, she was called congressman, congresswoman, congressperson. I don’t know what she (and shes) is called now.

    1. Now a days it’s quite mixed up, before you said he as a generalisation, now you have to say he and her, if not you sound like a mean person, the politcal correctness is our times now will be my guess. I would call that congressperson, and idiot though. Not much they seem to do.

  2. I’ll probably be saying goodbye, too, here, soon, also. I hope you’ll be able to say goodbye to alcohol, also — an enemy. Get that enemy, Charly. Hate to say goodbye; how ’bout “Hope to see you under better circumstances”. Fare well and be well.

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