Sex me off!!

I’m all yours babe
so please don’t behave
lick me
from head to toe
while in the middle you can blow
sex me off!!
use me
abuse me
i’m all yours
while you’re on all fours
they call my Cornelious Matheus
the lover
that when you discover
will not be able to recover
Sex me off!!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



      1. I would love to do so, the problem is with my yahoo acount. As of right now I have 20 thousand plus post in the inbox, every time someone publsh a post it goes the freaking
        inbox, and I can only delete 50 post at a time, and I actually have to go on by one checking the little box and then hit delete, so is no wonder that if there is an email it gets lost with all the posts. So that is the problem.

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