Hi guys

Hi, my name is Tina,
I already introduced myself once or twice what’s with that?
So here I am chillin with my buddy
Man, the poor dude is loosing hair and he put on several or quite a lot
of severals pounds since he stopped drinking, but he says he is sexy….
I don’t know, it’s so and so.
At least the other day he gave me his food
O, and new ball for me to ripp apart
He’s not all that bad of an owner, still the poor bastard needs some improvement,
he never knows when I talk with him what I want, if I want to go pee or poppo, he seems
to day dream quite a bit
I think he goes in a catatonic state. I wonder….
Anyways I’m going back to sleep

He told me to say…. Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
What the hell does that mean?


      1. I can’t, he is too nice, he has this facade of tough guy but really his a dumb kid, he has been through some rough times but he still is a good person, so I will just smack him a bit and that’s all, or smack him really hard actually

      1. You wanna bet on it….lets go, in my family is all bets, you can not eat all that plate of sapgeties? I bet I can so 5 bucks on it, and so on and so forth, so lets bet that next day I will have a book published and I will be filthy rich

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