No quit

I grow tired sometimes
that makes me a mess
i know the words
are just in reverse
sometimes come with swords
fuck it, lets let it loose
i fucked a goose
i took a prude
my writing is like magic
till like tragic
no quit
it is
part of the me
let it be
writing is sporadic
because i’m an addict
then they say… i spit
but with witt

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. Me? I think is the others really, you included obviously, but I just can’ t do what you guys do as much as I try, it comes to me some crazy thing in my mind and I just write it out

      1. That’s the best way. I need to get past all my whining, but while I still have whining in me, so be it. I am willing the energies to change

      2. Stop it, fucking whining, I don’t like it.
        When I start like that I really have to make a mind shift and say to myself,
        “what the fuck is wrong with you, sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself? Fuck that and get you ass and smile moving”
        By the way are we going to the movies this weekend or not?

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