The patriot

Sorry this was not a patriot
I’m just blooging
Forgot, shitty di shit di di, I feel like I’m back to this shit

I’m back in Irak, although that picture was taken in Afghanistan, but in I the Rack
they had some kind of infrastructere, point being,
I fucking live in a town full of MUSLIM Marrocans, yes I did say MUSLIM,
the other point is that you win some you loose some

That is not me right now, but yesterday…! Fucking pieces of shit these marrocans
although I have to take half of the blame since at the end most of them are selling drugs
in my case is weed, I figured out weed is better than alcohol, so…. well that is why
I’m seeing a psychologist and therapist and all those kind of things.
I pray to God, yes I’m a Christian, that he will let me in if he wants since
I’m a pretty bunch.

So this town if full, I mean full, of this MUsliM marrocans, and they are all selling drugs
or stealing or both, just petty criminals.

There I was sitting talking with some girls and the next thing I know is that I’m surrounded
by 6 or 7 Marrocans just bullying me basically, but I told my mommma I will not get into more
fights, and then the hit came into my face, smaaaaaK! it sounded, and now I actually
have the left part of my face swollen, I did give back some, but they were too many,
so I had to loose this battle, than goodness the police happen to pass by and they ran
since I was on the floor trying to fight back quite a bunch.

I will add that one of my best friends is a MUSLIM marrocan, and he is one of the best
persons I know, he actually gives me jobs here and there. I tough man hard working person,
not like these fuck heads.

It was funny since when one day I met my mother here in this town, I was listening to her
but my eyes where scaning every place, just back to Irak, every place, person, and she
actually noticed it. Told me if there was something wrong, I said nope my grand pope
but I walk around this fucking town wich is a very small one and I will encounter them,
you just can’t have a detour through other places.

But I’m a

I’m a Spaniard in my hometown, but full of these fuck ups and by the way that is the shirt of the Spanish Infantry,
so fuck them, I fucked them off one time this was there time to fuck me up.
Although I am just one and they are….. who knows how many but too much.
And this is one of my women when I tell her about my battles with these nut jobs, me included
she goes fuck you….but to me!!!

So fuck her also, my town, my country, they will not scare me, I will fight back and harder.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. Fuck, my face hurts like hell, I just need some womenly love…..kisses


    1. Hope so, but the police here in Spain or this town at least they are probably sleeping, had an encounter today with one of those, no fighting just him telling me how is gonna fuck me up, well, no problem my man, i am not scared afer the experinces i had in life, I might end up in the hospital but it is my town, the town of all, so he better not tell me where to walk, it just gives me the opposite feeling, this fucking marrocan telling me where i should not go, because he says so and the little bitch he thinks he is the man….. then he read me wrong

    1. What in the world does Xo mean? Really, I have gotten those but I still don’t know what it means, is not like my so called friends are high tec or actually know how to use a computer, I’m actually the INOVATOR, for me not for them, but what in the world does Xo mean?

      1. Really? So why in the world have to abreviate things, and actually that is not even an abreviation it is an abreviation of a abreviation….dam.
        By the way, where are you from? Just asking so I can meet you around the block and have a chineese diner

      2. Sounds lovely.. I’ll see you in however long as it takes to get me there From the northern part of the us that I reside…
        abbreviations or pictures?

      3. I’ll take the last question first so it’s both, although if they are naked pictures then I’ll take the naked ones.
        Now the other part that you where from the northern part of the US of A,
        East Coast or Westy?… the time it is though, i figure out you are east coast, here in the GrAND Spain is almost 1 a.m so over there if you are from the east is 6 hours less than here,
        anyways, suchi or burger?
        By the way you did not answe my question, you want sushi or not?

      4. You are keeping me guessing here, so if it is midwest is 8 hours less than here, so unless I take a map out…..o. here it is, you are from Idaho

        but there is too much emails comming in, meaning the post that I have thousand plus the inbox so is hard to find the email, might even give you my phone number
        It is Spain so the code from spain is 34 and my phone is 630573411, no worries that is in public, I bet you….In my familly we always bet so, so nothing, I bet you, than you will not call, lets see it!
        love ya
        P.s. That was no bullshit

      6. Hold on! you are a semi boss ok? Don’t think too much about you because I will destroy you in the nae of…Yuu Yuuu.
        Love ya beautiful….I have oCF

      7. NO, didnt find the email, and what in the world is COF? O.K My makey, this one is the one i wote then , so COF means Cumpulsive Obssesive Flirt

      8. The only exotic thing about you is your neck, did you see you picture? and I should add I can also see the string of a your bra, and neck and one quorter of a face.
        So it is Idaho right?

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