I am Charly the great

Damn, it is 7 a.m, I can can can not sleep
so I’m going to kill a sheep
counting sheeps while I sleep
is quite a relief,
what the fuck am I talking about?
Have no idea, no message to send, nothing, just bored out of my fucking mind

I am Einstein!!!… That was a cool quote.

Take a look you bunch of neanderthals type of crook
This is what I was watching, fuck me, and I can relate to that,
but I was never in a position to speak outloud…..military is a dictatorship
you can’t talk even if I had a grand idea as to how we could f them up, nope
dope, mouth shut ass tingly tingly….by the way I am not drunk, and I think
since I’m stopping the drinking the body just does not let me sleep, so here I am
listen to it if you want…. why the hell do I watch this things? Maybe is some
kind of masochism that I like or something, yaaaaaa know! Kind of weirdo!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses…..can somebody tell me joke?


  1. Sounds like the musings of Bukowski. It is really hell when you have to battle with sleep. Hope you’ll find it soon. Or it will find you. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, soone or later I guess, but not now.
      Hello Mitch, how you doing? Might as well try to have a conversation with a woman…..are you really a woman? This internet thing can be quite deceptive, I actually think you are a hairy chested dude

      1. Hahaha. That made me laugh. I never met someone online who doubted my gender. But yes, I’m a woman and not a hairy chester dude. Although I’d very much wish I was born a man sometimes. Less hassles. And how about you Charly? How are you doing? Aside from wrestling with sleep, of course.

      2. Since I’m no spy or agent, and I have really nothing to lose, I’ll tell you. I’m from the Philippines. Somewhere in the Visayas. πŸ™‚

      3. O.K. You do sound like a spy though,
        from the Philippines, I got to get there once at least before I die.
        So I’m in Spain wich means the difference of hours is 5 hours more than here? I’m not very good at math

      4. I do, really? Haha. I have always fantasised about being a spy. They sure do live very exciting lives. But alas, my country don’t need spies that much. We are no superpower and more often than not, act like a poodle to the foreign powers. Tsk.

        You might like it here. We have beautiful beaches. πŸ™‚

        Aw, Spain. Where in Spain? I guess so. I’m also pretty bad at math. I loathe it. Haha.

      5. Every country including mine have good spies, you would be surprised the intelligence agency you guy have.
        So Spain, you want to run with the bulls?

      6. Oh, we might have. I guess that’s part of being a country.

        Oh, no, thank you. I’d like to watch a football match though. πŸ™‚

      7. Hey! you actually like football, as in soccer? You saw the game of Barcelona with the Frenchy?
        By the way, I’m spying on you ritght now, I’m below your window behing the second tree to your left

      8. Yes, very much. I did not see it because the match took place in the wee hours of the morning. Did you see it? Heartbreaking for the French club but it seemed like they were robbed. It must be beyond frustrating for Emery.

        I’m not in my room and there are no trees around the house. Haha.

      9. You are too faast, first of all I rigged the game, that is why I’m a millionair now, and secong I’m watching you walking through the road, yes, that green tree in front of you.

      10. Fast? Hahaha. Nice story, bro. I wish you rigged it for PSG though. I’m not really into Barcelona these days. But oh well, Qatar still wins either way. UEFA will also generate more money with Barca in the last eight.

        Argh. Got me.

      11. You say….what? You are driving me nuts, what in the world is UEFA? Unless you wanted to say Wefa, got ya.. wink wink. Qatar…that is to expensive, sista!

      12. I’m doing so so you might say, but I bet I did put a little smile on your face. That is enough for me if I conquered that smile, I’m bored to death, can’t sleep, well I have the option to sleep with my roomate… is that a good idea you think?

      13. No, now I’m a civilised person so no fooling aroung like years ago. I’m straight in my road to…. I don’t know, somewhere that is hot and has a beach,
        wanna come with me?

      14. Haha. Oh, but I’m already somewhere hot with a beach, at least the beach can be an hour drive or so away. It’s 3 in the afternoon here and it’s scorching.

      15. O.k, here is the deal, my roomate who is the one I have to pay at the end of the month for my great sweet,I have a bedroom that is taking away from a Hilton hotel, anyways this roomate is kind of pissed off at me so I have to run into your arms, can you catch me?

      16. Hahaha. I’m not really good at catching things, much less people. Better not go through it and fix it with your roommate instead.

      17. well, lets spell it out then, my roomate who is the one that I have to give the money at the end of the month…. wich by the way I have no idea this month how I’m going to do it, point being we made looooove, but there is another girl that she says, I say againg she says, tha she is my girlfriend, so it seems they wassap to each other and today morning after not being able to sleep there I was washing some dishes and my roomate, she a hot! well she comes in ane I can tell she is pissed off, so I have no idea, I just say hello good morning and she goes out the top of her head telling me why the hell am I doing with this other girl, so….. :I’m getting bored reading me, so, she actually tells me alll those things girls talk about and in my mind I’m thinking what the fuck do I care, I’ m going back to my room and submersve in the internet world, I have no time, actually time I have but not patiece, so I get back to my rooom and now writing to you.
        Point being, yo woman a strange.
        That is ghetto language by the way,
        are you gonna tell me where are you from?

      18. Aw. That’s a delicate situation you have there. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, eh? Maybe you have some explaining to do, when things calms down a bit and you have cooler heads too.

        Philippines. πŸ™‚

      19. Yep, probably is part of my fault but I did tell my roomate I was seeing someone else before the “thing” happen, she seemed o.k with it, at least before now it seems it’s a bit of a nut job house, either with me or you are out, what the hell? Anywas you women….strange.
        Philippines, I have to get out there, once the police gives me back my passport….. kidding

      20. Argh. Never trust 100 percent when women say they are “okay” with it. Just kidding. Or half-kidding. Oh, well. You have to face the music sooner or later.

        We also find you men strange. Haha.

      21. Haha. Nice talking to you, Charlie. I have to go now for I have errands to run. May you find sleep soon, and peace with your roommate. Have a good day! πŸ™‚

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