I’m an airforce pilot!!!!

Damn I got to be bored to watch this, anyways this is much cooler than being
an infatry person….guy guy guy!!!! now women allowed so screw you women,
did I just say that? so, waaaaaasap!!!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. You are too cute to be working in that type of job….. wink wink,that is me putting a creepy yellow face winking.
      So you are in the military then, I was in the Spanish Legion, do more with less, was one of the mottos.
      To tell you the truth, that thing about getting into a ship and worst off a ship with jets that are comming and going all day long, screw that, scares the shit ou of me.
      So since I have OCF, tell me you are not going to take me out for some kind of ….of not meat and into a warship, if you are a vegetarian this relationship is done, you military people…….

      1. I promise I am. 4 years down, 2 to go on my contract. It’s been awhile since I posted to my blog. Usually complaints about work lol. I’m not a vegetarian, although I do enjoy veggies. I’m Air Force so we launch jets off a runway (commonly called flightline among maintainers).
        The hours are long, the weather is never favorable for work and leadership is tough. But the comadarie (<misspelled I'm sorry) is strong.

      2. I gotta love ya, that is my kind of girl.
        And I do know the type, not really the type of job, but I do know how long the hours are and fatigue and the rest.
        Anyways, if I take you to dinner can it be not in a warship? A cool Japaneese restaurant?

      3. there you go, that was my job, i’, supper man, or just a kid trying to get the adrenaline, anyways, I’ll invite you to burger king, and I will pay for you

      4. And I have no clue what that means, I , no know they are jets or something, as as a matter of fact you might as well get my piece of car junk functioning, I bet it be easier for you, less stress and I might learn a couple of things.
        the deal is sealed?

      1. super….I dated a fighter pilot back in Korean days…he wanted to marry me but he didnt get around to telling me. my favorite all time movie is Top Gun. So…anyway whats wrong with women flying fighter jets?

      2. You are something, and I don’ t know why you put the name Grandmama, yo a sexy woma.
        O.K, take a deep breath and do not go all feminist crazy on me, If you read my ABOUT page there you can have an explation about women….I’m just kidding woman!
        I was infantry and actually to tell you the truth we do need more girls in the front lines, it would be kind of a relieve

      3. I know… but you might have been a fighter pilot. to each their own…by the way.its gradmama… not really a feminist, just believe in everbody just doing their thing without having to live in a mold.

      4. you said it, not he or she, it is the individual that counts, and about the fighter pilot…you kidding me? I throw up in those things, plus is too crazy, I prefer walking around like nothing and having a rifle on my arm, just another day in the park

      5. You are scaring me, and now you want me to go to sleep…god damn, your fault that i can’t sleep. Your conscious it not clear, i bet that you bet that in the bet you are crying…..your conscious
        Am I really writing like this to you? Anyways, you are funny I’ m an idiot so is a good parnership, plus I know how to give some punches just in case, by the way you know I’ m a convicted criminal, don’t jump or ;held your breath, I was in th wrong place at the worng time, and hey! you know I’m a hero? yes mam read one of the post if you want, or the last one I wrote, and I think the weed is really good

      6. I rarely cry. hmmm, a convicted criminal…I know some of those myself. It doesn’t matter in the long run because almost anybody could end up in prison for whatever. I know this for a fact. I don’t judge people…they are who they are, either take or leave them.

      7. I feel that way about roller coasters… one of my granddaughters chose between being an accountant and a rock guitarist. Hey…she’s from MY genes, guess what she chose…

    1. Yes mam, and don’t tell me tha tis not cool. I was army in the infantry, but these guys are cooler, tell you the truth I won’t last long in those jets, probably pucking most of th time, sooooo

      1. It should seem funny if you heard them, but actually living in a fraking ship for months and months will a lot of workload…I can imagine is not all that funny to those people and great people, very few of us will take that, man or female, gureanteed.

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