I have no memory of me getting up close and shooting the guy in the face
I was going to make this rhyme but not,
we did have a little scope mounted in the rifle,
so I do know i hit 5, but did I kill them?
I have no clue if it was my bullet that killed the men
or was all the other bullets pouring into their position.

Funny story, if you have a dark sense of humour that is,
we get into a firefight and we have 3 muslim nut jobs killed,
there they are the lieutenant and two sergeants the greatest mind
in the world talking about where the fuck we put the bodies….fuck this idiots
I actually ended the patrol with a dead body in my spanish version of a Humvee,
except our was not armoured, you can throw a rock and it will go through and through,
so there I am scanning my sector with a fucking nutjob muslim that I have killed or
we have killed riding with me in the back of the stupid car.

Not very good idea this idiots came up with, the idiots were my superiors.
The bodies do stink, actually to me when I looked at this
idiot, wich by the way was shooting at me, I jus saw a manikin, it was a bit surreal,
so here we go bouncing in the car and the idiot is pushing me through the window,
the idiot the dead body, kind of freaky really. So there I am covering my sector
at the same time pushing the dead body to my right.

And guess what was the joke…me, I was the one calling on the radio telling my
superiors what we had, and the fucking idiots just laughed. And the three other idiots
that took this great decision, well… these guys should run for
president of the universe.

So picture the scene, the three greatest minds on earth trying to figure
out what to do with dead people, my opinion just leave the fucking bodies there
but no, we had to show it to the idiot of the coronel, so fuck that, I’m hitching
my cool ride with a dead person falling on top of me, but MY guys did have a laugh,
is just stress reliever in those fucked up situations, so that was me….
I was the guy holding a dead body. Not cool after so many years of that, actually it is funny,
and I will tell you why, because of MYy nutjobs, they smiled, some jokes around and the spirit
was up.
The End.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



  1. why did the colonel have to see the dead body? you know, my husband always said that ya just had to “put up with the assholes until ya get in a position where ya can be the AH yourself.” so just do stupid stuff they order…until ya get to be the one who orders stupid stuff to others. It’s what they do.

    and what about the other four bodies?

    1. You are a funny woman, I have no clue what was with, not a coronel, this guy was a brigadier coronel? trying my best to translate it in Spanish, EL BRIGADA,
      ask him why the fuck he wanted the bodiies, by the way I was 18 years old until 24 or 25 almost, so is a long story

      1. oh wait…I was referring to the troops that killed the buffalo so the indjuns couldn’t benefit from them. it wasn’t the black troops….wait, now I’m confused, I’ll have to look that up

      2. yeah, well bourgeois bullship is the worst kind, having said that my friends are all people like me who think (not necessarily think like I do, but just that they reach conclusions by thinking with their own brains.

      3. I know, and that is why I like you. In the other sense of the word, I like people like you at your age that have still life on them and are happy, well you are a bit nuts, but anyways… remind me of my grandma, hold it are you mine?

        The singer is actually me

      4. my ideas and opinions haven’t changed much since I was a little kid. “at my age?” here’s a thought when you are “my age” you will probably be a lot like you are now. Age is relative…I can’t physically do things I used to do easily, but its not so much old as it is being “out of shape.” haha

      5. everyone should live life for themselves…within reason of course. I think everone should do what they want as long as it doesn’t interfere with someone else’s happiness.

      6. That is a good way of thnkig so thank you for the heads up, but do not tell me mine is crap, i just… write my thing, it could be crap but then…well, I can snap, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! something liket that
        by the way do you really to give you the endigrients that my grandmother gave to my mother and she passed to me?

      7. No, that if I remember correctlu was not a poem in that post, I just put in to one thing a week or maybe a month who knows of me and specially my crazy nutjobs of guys in one post. The actuall stories are too long, althought I think they are much more entertaining, at leas is what my mother says, at the same time I do not talk to her about the gruesem stuff.
        But I think that post was a funny,if there is some fun at that type of work, and to tell you the truth it is not a conscript army, we all volunteered to go, and specially in the infntry and specially in the Spanish Legion, and to al of us the question was where when we are going to be deployed, 18 20 year old kids we where, but we knew our jobs, so this was not a poem, this was a matter of fact

      8. to me…a poem is any piece of writing that when read out loud has a rythym (metre_) and lilt to the rhyming. The great thing about writing poetry is it allows all sorts of tricks like ? contractions like can’t, and weird words and weird wording. Ya can make up words and in a poem readers think how cool! how innovative! where in a prose article there must be proper diction and real words and sentence structure….ho hum. Here’s a poem for ya I heard in a rap song once: read it out loud for best effect, in rap rhythym…. “ya got no money and ya got no car ya got no woman and there you are” .. Oh I know about armies…had a friend that got blown up in a tank in Korea…just sayin’

      9. I like what you said about the poetry, pretty much what I think. By the way that quote of the poetry, where you talkig about me!?…..hummm.
        About getting blown up, not cool. Hope he is fine, a tank…. don’t like them, either see them or get in one of them. No a lot of space to stretch.

      10. no…not you its just my little poem I use as an example of rhyming and metre. As for the guy in the tank…no, he is not fine he died in that tank. He was only abut 17, quit high school to join up as did a lot of guys in those days.

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