I´m a tweeter cool

I really don´t know how you people do it, having several blogs, the tweet thing,
and other pages….so since this guy told me to write to him about the military
wich is kind of scary, but he told me to go on twitter, and I actually really forgot
I had a twitter acount, so go figure, anyways I eventually got in it since I didn´t
even remember the pasword or even the name I put into that thing. So if you are reading
here it goes the Spanish Legion
sorry about that I hit the wrong picture,j
is this oneI had been shot through the leg
so her is the other one
Shit, this one somebody hit me hard,
now here is the real one
Yep that is the one and this one is from my girlfriend
Hey, that tweeter thing was pretty cool. Just to see it a day or two though,
I prefer this wordpress thing, so yo! If you want me to talk about the Spanish army and war,
just ask me and I´ll tell you, not much to it, no heroes or something like that.
Anyways, was fun the twitter thing for this time. I actually started following
D the Trump.
Here goes the video of my regiment and that was what I actually did.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


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