I’m dangerous

I’m that dangerous
since right now
i begin to rhyme so you can ask you why
so got two marrocans
in me bedroom
they do now were i live in my grand stadium
so instead
of listening through the window of every word
i thought they should come in with quite the nerve
they see me, the see the computer and radio, i know
they are scanning and that makes me feel better
just scanning their territory, so they think, it
is for me to give them a wink
and i actually gave the other guy a knife
wich i had not hidden to much
but i had a back up, that one they didn’t notice
since i like to be quite the elegance
of irrelevance
point to the point
these little criminals do know me, unfortunately
you show no fear because there is none, giving the guy
i think it was a to his dismay, a knife, he and his bitch wife
know i’m testing them, so don’t complain

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. That is Charly Corleonne
I do look cool I don’t care what you say, so got ya


      1. Yum…. you didn’t have a taste of me yet, you’d be surprised. Plus I am the Charlyone of Mafiosi Sanisholy.
        I’ll bet you that you would like me, at least for the evening, wanna make a bet?

      2. I’m just got into the internet and the next tuesday I’m going to an AA meeting, and a psycholist and all that crap.
        Did you said babes or kids? That’s good, at least do it for them.
        Or screw it, this is getting to serious, so after you pick up the babes what do you want to do? I can do some dancing if you want and another one, you are really in the phone while on wordpress right?

      3. You should be, they call me Charly “the evil” Priest.
        Just only when they piss me off, specially the Marrocans that live in this town, had quite some encouters with them, and actually the last one the guy might pretty much broken a part of my mouth since when I thouch it is all loose muscle, but it doesn’t heart so no hosptial. And apart from that I was in the Spanish Legion killing these idiots, so screw them. A small town, they know where I live, and me…I really don’t care or are afraid, the only person I’m afrais is this woman I’m goin to spend the day tomorrow, my mother.

    1. Thanks Christy, I also thought after I re read it that that was the only thing good of the poem. And again appreciate you stopping by and reading my crazy things

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