Spanish hustle

In about 42 minutes I´m going to steal
That is the deal
Kind of surreal…..
da da da dumb
i can end up in jail or in the hospital or a tomb
no money then no honey
just going to shuffle it
my version of the Kentucky shuffle
no muscle
i don´t have a serious job
and thanks for them i got a start
is called…well not gonna say it in public
but i will say this, is the Kentucky shuffle
with no muscle and sort of practical
i said sort off,
so remember me
as i be
in the extreme
by the way this is the hero
of a war veteran doing sum zero…so
fuck it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. Take care.

30 minutes later…. I just got back home from stealing, used a bit of mafia techniques
and is all surreal right? Although they do know where I live so I might have some police
company later on. So the deal is sealed, what´s done is done.

Why in the world does the pictures appear in the bottom?


    1. Two cartons of cigarettes, shamefully but I had to have a smoke since I was going all nuts in this room by myself.
      Hopefully the police don´t read this, doubt it anyways, but it is a small town and everybody knows each other.
      Screw em, and screw me too, I´m still doing those type of stupid things.
      Hope God has a relative sense of humour, and I really didn´t steal it, I just walked up to the guy that I know quite well and gave him half of a 5 euro bill and told him I would be back later, although even knowing me he did seem kind of pissed off, I too would be if I was in his shoes.
      But what is done is done…….and I don´t believe that you believe that it was two cartons of cigarettes

      1. I actually do not feel good to tell you the truth, but at the same time these type of people are criminals, unfortunatly me too since I have a rap sheet, but I couldn´t do it if they where normal people, they are what they are and I know what I am so screw them. They will eventually find me around town and then I will pay for it.
        Although you have to give me this, my poetry is quite nice, I think anyways.
        And I do sound like an A hole for doing this, or writin about it. But it is sort of therapeutic, go figure this one out.

      2. I was not saying it in the way of being mad, I respect you very much that you can believe, but I´m ashamed sometimes when I have no money and have to hustle in a bad way.
        Wich I could not do it, it´s my bad decisions.
        GP, thank you. You actually put me back in on the right path you might say.
        Hopefully I keep it that way for longer.

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