shifting through pictures to give me an idea as to what to wirite

I’m almost falling asleep,
i just ate a sheep
and my beeber jus beped

I’m hungry
and angry
plus in a hurry

I might be high
as a kite
and a knife….go figure.

I’m just that cool
I sit in a stool
and i play the fool

So, here you go as it comes to my head, so fuck no writers block.

Mama Mama don’t you see
This kid is quite screw off
Mama Mama don’t you see
This kid will stand with his bluff
Mama Mama…. I just got the news in panorama and it said,
no drinking, but smoking, and in the meantime just dumb writing.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


      1. You are there now, lets have a chat then if you want, what song you meant first of all and you want spagettis with ketchup or just plain lasagna?

      2. Thank goodness you are the one that said so, you would have fun that I can guarantee and by the way the link you put me on the last response I can hit it all day long but it won’t go to that place, it’s kinda of the anti link

      3. o.k, so how the fuck am I going to read it if I have 9 thousand plus posts in my inbox?
        I could go searching one and one but….I’m too lazy
        although I still love ya, actually maybe today or tomorrow I will get to it, since you’re a nice lady (hope you put in there something hoty di hot), so you stil there?

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