Hey ladies, don’t get all excited
you can be shortsighted
or not, that is a good looking man
standing,I don’t know
but you can bow…to me.


Is all on me and you and all of us
that, you can trust,
as a very special woman didn’t say
just showed her way
nobody or anything can stand in your way

this special person said,
if life got rough
you go one more mile until your tough

i know and know and …well there are the bad parts
depressing and is quite a mess in the head
but eventually you might as well get your head out of your ass
and do what you have to do.


That is a phrase that stood with my little me
so thank you to she.

And…happiness, not all happines but a better living life
will come to you for one to strive.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


    1. What I can not see is your email, so you are going to get a surprise…….by the way don’t tell me this was the most beautiful poem and uplifting one you have ever read

      1. I know, wink wink, that is why I call myself ‘ fast food guy’ I’m eas to get, it taste good for a 30 minutes, and is easy to dispose off.

  1. very nice and upbeat this morning…spring is here, sort of…great photo! Happiness is a great concept, and hey we might as well be happy as not, right? 🙂

    1. You said it, life is not all so great sometimes so we might as well try and after you try you achive a bit of happiness, specially if you focus on the things that do really matter to each individual and go and pursue them

      1. you are absolutely right…someone has written that “History, and Life, is one thing after another, and then ya die.” It’s the good stuff that matters.

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