Heroes…the meaning

I don’t know, look it in the dictionary if you want.
For me, one lady said it,
people throw the word hero a lot
but the point is when things happen
either you do it or not.

I can tell you three stories in my civilian life
that I actually helped until the police and ambulance
came I just jumped off and treated 2 guys and 1 girl.
Apart from the army,
either you wake up or do it or you don’t. Funny, kind of
those stories, and I’m not saying I’m a hero I can tell you that,
I’m a fuck off, alcohol addiction, drugs, homeless plus convicted
of robbery although there was nobody there it was 4 a.m and me homeless so I
saw a chace and things developed.

Heroes…..I turn my life around, sort off, I stll screw up quite a bit
but I was watching this….

A college kid, but his friends they were in the military, funny thing
one of them just came from Afhanishit, so here he is celebrating in
Amsterdam, wich I have to go there…point being is the sentence I said.

You either do it or you not.

Most of the people freeze, they don’t react and that is understandable
since is not in the human nature to confront. So you talk about heroes,
not much to that word, as I said before two times,
either you are gonna do it or not.
Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,


    1. Is the truth, you don’t have to be in combat or those kind of things, in the sense that that type of job does require you to step up. And I did see one of my guys freeze and I was pissed off and we basically gave him a real hard time. Now that I look back on it, I feel bad, he is a great human being but I don’t need great human beings around me when bullets and mortars and RPG’s start flying by, I prefer the crazy bastards that will do the job. But now I do understand it and now I’m now I do feel kind of bad for all the shit we gave him, he never went on patrol with us. You gotta be practical, that person is a detriment to your job, and is not a simple one, it is kill or be killed. And above all is the men around me, so I couldn’ t have this person on the platoon.
      You can be a civilian in great company and do it. Really it all comes down to it any person in civilian life, are you gonna step up and do it or you are not.
      And human nature is not to get yourseld into as you Americans say, in harms way, but there are bunch and bunch of civilians that will step up.
      As this woman said, “the word hero is thrown too much, and is this simple either you are going to do it or not”.
      And that is not meaning you’re a hero, since for me is an elussive word, you do what you think is right in that moment, or you don’t do it and let the situation progress to a worst place.

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