I’m a hater!!!! Dumb Jews….

I don’t usually get into politics, but what’s with the Jews?
Have you ever met a dumb Jew? I haven’t. This guy would be
the typical guy that in highschool I would punch him,
now I’m thinking that I should have paid more time and attention at these
type of people. Smart as hell. I know it’s a long video,10 minutes.
So don’t see it as time permits for you or see it if you will.
I have seen quite a lot of videos of this guy. And this guy is smart.
Try to argue with this man. I should add I’m much smarter.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



    1. I was trying to make a counter argument as he spoke, I just couldn’t. One of the smartest guy in the class. I was too dumb in my age in school, instead of being the ‘ crazy’ I had to have paid more attention to these type of people.

    1. This guy is one of the smartes guys in ther room, while I watch his videos, and I do take notes, I’m trying to make a counter argument, and I can’t. And believe it or not, I was a pretty good argumentative person specially in the Communist Republic of California when I studied there. In a philosphy class wich If I start taling about it this would become a thesis paper. What you had to argue with three philosphers they gave us and three of their theories whay it was wrong or right to kill innocent civilians in war.
      Guess what I chose out of the 30 plus people in that clas, that it was right and legitimate just by arguing these 3 phisophers in their 3 philosophies each.
      And I was told by the prpfessor to stand up in the class and do a reading, short one, of the ‘ grand paper’ I submitted to hime 4 days ago. You could see their faces turning from red to kill kind of face.
      I should be fair, this professor even though he was a leftist did gave me an A minus on the paper. So props for him and not getting his own personal view points in front of a rational argument that he told me to write about with these philosophers using their philosophy.
      That is why I liked in one sense the philosophy classes, you could turn any argument around and the other side and back side if you wanted it and even when you didn’t even think it was true to your own philosophy in life.
      So….. I got bored, love ya and thanks for taking the time to listen to the post

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