1 minute 30 seconds of crazy Jew

I really do hate them…..comments?
The fucking bitch, that is my comment.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

And by now, tryiing to put this in wordpress, fuck you,
but I am open to comments, sort off, I might kick you ass
so fuck it ………hahhhahahahahahahhahahhah peeace and love…..


    1. Tell you the truth, I have no idea what you are talking about. O sorry, so you are muslim then, so what is wrong what he said that might have offend you? Just asking, don’t have to reply and if you do please be a bit more carefull with the comment and insults iike fuck I would appreciate it. By the way you have no clue how lucky you are, trust me on that one.
      But it is comment in a democracy so I would love your comments more.
      Thank you for reading and commenting

      1. You misunderstood me. I am an Orthodox Christian. I respect the peaceful practice of religion and I would love them to keep to their side of the border. Let them do whatever they want in their country and stay away from our way of doing of what we want in our countries. Much respect for you and your country Spain, my friend. You haven’t understood my intent.

      2. Tell you the truth, I’ m bored, my blog is about poetry and once in a while I put on this things that I do see, but just too see who would give me an opinion about it, so the word fuck wich I use id a lot you can use it to in my blog, it is free culture and opinions of thought, until they traspass that thin line that is insulting with words like you said “stay the fuck off of….” whatever else was you comment, pont being, do not fuck with me since you realy don’t know me and this is no bullshit, as I said before people that read me know me and I can go off, so steady my friend.
        So as my roomate is talking to me to not say or better said what I am writing, to not write this, I’ m thinking…..bring it bitch, huntch and kill you, fucked all you fucking crazy muslum friend in the army and out of the army specially when you fucked up muslim crazy friends insulted my own mother, so fuck you bitches, I got scars and more fights that you can imagine so do not be a stupid punk behind that computer, so yes, I should as my friend is telling me to stay “on top” fuck him and fuck you bitch, you are not gonna come to my blog say the F word and I do have your IP adress, so do not fuck with a crazy like me. Fuvkking fudkingn fucky you. I will do something if you comment next,, that I can promise


      4. But I did get a good and interesting conversation goin on….. wink wink, got ya.
        I relly don’t care, I just like to see the reaction of people when I respond to them.
        Anyways, when are yo gonna get the beer?

      5. I might be joking or not, take it as you will, I just write poetry, bad poetry but i try my best. So you take as it comes to you, not my problem.
        Stay Frosty my man

      6. To tell you the truth I have been replying to quite a bit of commet to say the least, not her in Spain is 1 30 a.m, I;m kind of tired and yes I do not come to this platfor a.k.a wordpress to make enemies, as I told you before my thing is poetry, I jut started compared to all those good people that really know how to do it, it was my bad to push you in the argment, but tell you the truth, i really don;t care, i will care thogh if you read one one of my poems and telme if you likeit or not, and please be honest if you do not like it
        here is the lat one i just wrote

        by the way it does say creative writing down on the tags, people think I always talk about me…. actually most of the times, I think….. wink the wink.
        You tell me are we friends? ………………………………………………..fuck it, you’ re a good guy, we are friends, although right now i’m drunk as a skunk

      7. You shouldn’t have done that. We are sensitive about the muslim issue, because we had many wars with them, and you made one of those butchers that have burned 150 churches, killed over 20 000 Serbs, harvested serbian soldiers organs and sold it to fund their wars against serbs and banished 150 000 people away from their homes. That hurts. I have respect for Spain, because the Spain is our friend. I love to think we are friends, you and me, just don’t bring this topic again. I would ask you to delete all of the comments after you read this message, so we can start the new beginning and forget about this. Do you agree?

      8. No me ha entendido. Soy un cristiano ortodoxo. Respeto la práctica pacífica de la religión y me gustaría ellos para mantener a su lado de la frontera. Que hagan lo que quieran en su país y se mantenga alejado de nuestra manera de hacer de lo que queremos en nuestros países. Mucho respeto por usted y su país de España, mi amigo. No ha entendido mi intención.

    2. By the way, are you sort of a Hitler type, to tell me in my blog to “Stay away fom our stuff” You just gave the point of the lady that spoke in the vidieo.
      And all who read me trus me that they kno I’m being quite nice to you.

      1. Not you. THEM. They should stay from OUR STUFF, yours and mine. I wasn’t telling you to stay away, I was telling them to stay away. I was commenting on a video you posted, you understood it in a wrong way. I am all about peace. I wasn’t attacking you. I support you and your way of thinking.

    1. The idot actually said she was in favour of terrorism, and yes that is a bitch, I don’t care what your religion is but as a human being if you state that you are for killing jews, then this human, is a bitch.

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