Women on the frontlines…not cool

A quick thought(342 words) getting to the point. I know people don’t want
to read a dissertation paper about it, no time me no time you no time we no…. hit it.

I served in the Spanish Legion as an infantry man. We had two women
in our company of 80 people (yes, that is the number in a Spanish company)
and they were a pain in the ass.

You have a bunch of 18 to twenty something years old guys, that are horny as hell,
specially when you put them when you are deployed in a very stressful environment,
when you don’t see a girl in months, you are horny.

They Americans say “band of brothers” not band of brothers and sisters.

It is true the firs part, we are a band of brothers even if you don’t particularly like
most of the guys you are with. But it is a macho culture, they did pee on me when I was
asleep and there are more anecdotes this is just one to keep this post short. And you take
it and then you do it yourself to the other guy, and we all laugh, and we get into fights
between us, then we laugh about the fights, then we laught about shooting people or dead bodies,
and is basic, is just a stress reliever when you are put into those kind of environments when
all is crazy and you better have a laugh at it or you’ ll become depresses and combat ineffective.
Not all that laughing about shooting people though, I did go a bit over the top there, but there
was no crying about it.

So if we have our differences between all these guys, you add the women in our mix, it does
destroy unit cohesion, that is the key words, unit cohesion.

They might very well do some of the same things men do in training but when bullets start
flying in my experience it was us guys that would react and these two girls didn’t do shit,
again it comes to unit cohesion and that bond that you have as a tough guy. And you better have
that mentality when the real shit hits the fan.
Although I know is hard for civilians to understand.

I just made my semi argument in 342 words.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
Why the fuck the picture goes on the bottom? weird….


  1. I agree with you. Women do not have a place on combative front lines. American media portrays this issues as a matter of whether a female can physically perform the job at hand. Americans are all about gender equality and accepting everyone. That’s a great idea but the application can get messy. They are more worried about hurting someone’s feelings then looking at the outcomes that can arise from co-ed infantry/ranger/para rescue units.
    I can help you support your argument. This issue is something I’m passionately against even though I am a female in the military. The American military spends more money on a female’s health care then they do a man’s. (Provided that neither person has severe health issues) There’s birth control costs, exams that take place routinely to make sure that everything is healthy in those “areas” and ultimately prenatal to birth care.
    Placing women into deployed areas, you open avenues that would be closed. It’s no secret that most women can become pregnant and condoms/birth control aren’t always effective. Sometimes, neither of those preventive measures are even available. The possibility is always there. Men and women get horny, hence why our world population is high. You mix stress in there and it intensifies. I’m not going to blame one or the other because it clearly takes two to tango.
    Suppose she does get pregnant, now that military has to extract her and get her home. How do you think that will affect unit cohesion? Chances are that the military will rotate a new person in to fill her now empty role.
    Oh, did you know that if woman is unable to maintain a level of cleanliness, that can cause a whole bunch of other health issues? (Sorry, its gross but a valid point Congress should consider) Each issue could affect her combat readiness and thus negatively impact the unit.
    I could go on and on. I applaud the women that physically meet the standards of the job. I think it’s great that she wants to serve her country alongside her brothers. I feel like a total asshole for raining on her patriotic parade. I just don’t think it’s right to ask that 18 year old kid serving his country to further sacrifice just because a woman thinks it is her “right” to do the same. It is not a right to serve your country. It is an honor.
    It sucks ladies that the men get more honor, but at least they have a higher chance of coming home that safe.

    1. Holy shit, this was a dissertation paper, and you are passionate about since if Im correct you serve in the Air force, so what am I going to tell you that you don’ t know when it comes to this job. And really you know what hapens when girls are mixed with guys, well as you well know it happens something not our of uncommon, but mostly as men and women are different we do have sex, so that is not good for unit cohiesion. Point being, I;m a bit off right now, but what I said earlier I stand true to that.
      By the way are you in a war ship or something, I don’t like boats, but I can take you out to a place that is near th beach, the best food in spain from my uncle that has a restaurant near he beach.
      I’m I flirting with you…. how the fuck did I got to this point, hiiiiiiiigh!

      Seriously, you actually know since you are thre right now. So don’t give me stupid shit about all man and women should be equall, not in my past job.
      That is a deadly one.

      Stay Frosty.

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